About wundou


Wundou is one of the leading sports garments and apparel brands available from Japan since 1963. They enjoy a sales turnover of more than US $7.9 Million every year

Most sports uniforms are difficult to commercialize. Therefore, most of the sports uniforms are more expensive. However, wundou can mass-produce and stock-up these uniforms for wrestling and gymnastics wear. By doing so, more people can get those sports uniforms at a lower price.

Now they carry about 12 sports categories from popular sports like soccer and baseball to less popular ones like wrestling and gymnastics. Additionally, all jersey comes in Men’s, Ladies’, and Kids’ sizes. We have what you need in ready-stock or we can get it very quickly and print whatever you need on these uniforms right away.

All Wundou products also must pass strict tests, tests that are stricter than the general standard for garments. This is so that the apparel and garments that are produced allow people the opportunity to enjoy sports more comfortably.

Sports Apparel by Wundou (from Tokyo since 1963)

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“Whatever you can put on paper, we can put into production.”

OrangeBox & wundou, Your Jersey Supplier – Singapore

Once you choose the design you want in sizes you need, we at OrangeBox, your local jersey supplier in Singapore will customize those just the way you want. We enjoy a wonderful business relationship with wundou to bring you the exact jerseys you need at a price you can afford. We know you want what’s best for your team and we can give it to you at a much better price than another jersey supplier in Singapore because we have a professional staff right on our premises that work diligently to produce the printing products or embroidered good you want.

Please Email us: orangebox.cs@gmail.com your requirement or add them to our convenient contact form for a quote.