About Wundou

Wundou is a leading sports apparel brand in Japan Since 1963 with a sales turnover of about US$7.9 Million every year.

Most sports uniforms are difficult to commercialise. This is why most of the sports uniforms are more Expensive. However, Wundou mass produce and stock-up those uniforms, such as wrestling and gymnastics wear. By doing so, more people can get those sports uniforms at a lower price.
Now they carry abour 12 sports categories from popular sports like soccer and baseball to less popular ones like wrestling and gymnastics. And all jersey comes in Men’s, Ladies’ and Kids sizes.

All Wundou products also have to passed strict tests, test that are tricter than the general standard for garments. This is so that the apparels that are produced allow people to have the opportunity to enjoy sports more comfortably.

Sports Apparel by Wundou (from Tokyo since 1963)