5 reasons why choose T-shirt marketing to boost your brand

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T-shirt Marketing: The Smartest Way of Marketing using T-shirt printing

Great marketing strategies help businesses to stand out from their competitors.
Effective marketing strategies will always be a plus for the growth of a business. There are so many ways to promote a business or a brand. And being a little more creative will always going to work in your favor.

Custom T-shirt printing is a very popular way of advertising these days. Nearly every business or brand is printing its logo and important additional details on t-shirts for marketing purposes. They also use those as merchandise to reach more of their targeted audience. 

Orangebox: The Best T-shirt Printing Service Provider in Singapore

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Orangebox is an expert Custom T-shirt printing company in Singapore. We started our journey as a small printing shop in 2009 and now we provide the best T-shirt printing service in Singapore. We have the largest ready stock of t-shirts, jerseys, polo tee, and jacket catalogs. We offer both local and international brand collections in more than 1000 SKUs.

Recently we have started a campaign called Boost Your Branding with Us. With 12 years of experience, we offer you the largest ready-stock collection, reliable and on-time delivery, and 100% guaranteed satisfaction. Join the campaign and take a step towards shaping your business for great success.


How T-shirt Printing will Benefit the Brands?

Setting up a business is definitely not a piece of cake. It takes a lot of hard work and effort. And the most difficult part of it is marketing and promoting.

T-shirt printing can be a very efficient way to promote or advertise the brand. You can give away t-shirts as corporate gifts to the clients or make them a part of the official dress code for the employees. You can also expand the reach of your brand and make them a part of your “brand family”.

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5 reasons why choose T-shirt marketing to boost your brand.

1. Effective Marketing Strategy: 

The main focus of any company or brand is to sell its products to as many people as possible. They basically want to earn a good amount of profit from there. Giving your clients printed T-shirts can improve the business relationship between the two parties. In return, they can help you advertise your brand since you have the brand logo and a few more details printed on the t-shirts.

2. Distribution of Information About the Company: 

In T-shirt printing, a company or a brand usually puts their logo along with the most important information. It helps in passing the basic information about the company. So that interested people might ask for more details or they can visit the website for further information.

3. Formation of a Bond of Trust: 

Gifting the clients these custom-designed t-shirts with the brand’s logo can really make them happy. It also boosts up the bond of trust between the company and its clients. And using those t-shirts as brand merchandise will help your targeted audience to reach out to you.

4. Foundation to Professionalism:  

T-shirts printed with your brand’s logo on them will give an image of professionalism to people. This will create a great impression for your company.

5. Creating a Great Working Environment: 

If you make these t-shirts as a part of the dress code of your company, it will create a great work environment for the employees. It will boost their confidence and also increase the team spirit in them.



The base of a successful company or brand depends on its marketing strategies. T-shirt printing is one of the most effective ways to increase the reach of your company towards the targeted customers. And it also creates a bond of trust and loyalty between both parties. 

Orangebox is offering a chance to improve your marketing strategies. We will help you with reaching more people by promoting your brand. Take a step towards the grand success of your company with Orangebox. For more information, visit our website.

Creating a sustainable environment with Bamboo T shirt


Creating a sustainable environment with Bamboo T shirt

sick earth

Creating a sustainable environment has been the hot topic ever since global warming started to melt the ice in Antarctica.  we are losing the Arctic Sea ice at a rate of 13% per decade. If these emissions continue to rise, Antarctica will not have any more ice by 2040.  he melting of the ice had a big impact to the environment. A rise in 6 to 9 degrees of warming will melt away more than 70% of the ice mass. This will cause an eventual sea level rise of more than 40 meters. This Antarctic melting is practically irreversible. 

TCarbon dioxide is one of the main causes. With the increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, it increases the greenhouse effect. As a result, more thermal energy traps in the atmosphere, the earth becomes warmer and lead to global warming.

The top 3 main source of carbon emission are from Transportation, Industrial and Electricity production. Agriculture on the other hand does contribute about 10% of carbon emission, it is relatively lower because the plants absorb the carbon dioxide and convert them to Oxygen.
Other than creating greener fuel, going into sustainable agriculture and replacing with more eco-friendly materials is the next best solution


Bamboo and Environment
You will start to notice more and more production are made of bamboo. Not only can bamboo be used as a substitute for wood and plastic, but it can also be made into fabrics (Bamboo T shirt) as well. There are more than 1400 different bamboo varieties in the world so there will be no shortage of bamboo to use.

Bamboo is very sustainable as it is a fast-growing plant, it can grow a staggering 1 metre per day once the plant matures. it requires very little water to grow, it can easily survive with underground water and rainfall. Bamboo plant has very high natural resistance to pest and fungi infestation so there is no need to use harmful pesticide and herbicide to grow. It grows like a weed in all kinds of environments and terrain; it can grow on marginal land, which is unsuitable for other crops. The root system of bamboo plant helps to retain water and hold soil together; unlike cotton plant, with improper practice to condition the soil, the soil can be vulnerable to erosion. Bamboo can grow very densely, which make it one of the highest yields’ plants around. Another key benefit is bamboo’s regenerating characteristic, it does not require to replant every year after harvest. 

What about cotton? People had been using cotton fabric for decades, it is still one of the most widely used fabric today.

cotton plant

Cotton and Environment
Cotton plant does have a lot of weaknesses. Cotton Plant is a water-intensive crops, it takes on average 20,000 litres of water to produce 1kg of fabric (which can be used to make into 4-5 pieces of adult t shirts) . The cotton plant needs to re-planting each year and it takes a lot of manual labour to do that. Cotton plant can easily be destroyed by bugs and insects, that is why a lot of pesticide and herbicide are used. But the excessive use of pesticide and herbicide contaminates the groundwater and causes long-term water pollution downstream from farms. Without utilizing responsible, sustainable practices, cotton plants can erode and degrade soil quality.

Research in Japan shows that bamboo plant absorbs as much as 12 tonnes of carbon dioxide per hectare per year as compared to Cotton plants which only absorb 0.5 tonnes.
That is why Planting bamboo is one of the best ways to help our environment, it is a great way to fight global warming. 

The table below is a quick summary:


Cotton Plant

Bamboo Plant

Water consumption

Lots of water

Litter water

Pesticides and herbicide

A lot of pesticide and herbicide are required to protect from bugs and insects.

Extremely high resistance to pest and fungi infestation, very little or no pesticide is required to help it grow.

Required Terrain

Any Terrain

Relatively flat land

Harvest Yield

Up to 30 tonnes per hectare

Up to 2 tonnes per hectare

CO2 Removal 

12 Tonnes per hectare

0.4 Tonnes per hectare

Replant required every year



bamboo tshirts

Is Bamboo t shirt better than Cotton t shirt?

Yes, for many reasons:

1) Bamboo T shirt is more breathable than cotton t shirt. It has the ability to regulate your body heat. This allows you stay cool during the hot days and warm during the cooler ones.

2) Bamboo t shirt is very soft because the bamboo fibers are naturally round and smooth. Therefore, it is softer than Cotton T shirt when without any chemical treatment. Many people describe that the bamboo t shirt get even softer after every wash.

3) Bamboo T shirt is hypoallergenic because the bamboo fibers do not have sharp spurs, it does not irritate the skin. It can be worn by people even people with sensitive skin and even those who are allergic to other natural materials like hemp or wool.

4) Bamboo T shirt is more durable as compared to Cotton T shirt because bamboo fibers are longer which means it has less piling. It can withstand more washes without the fibers breaking.

5) Bamboo T shirt has an antimicrobial bio-agent, it makes the fabric naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and odour resistant, even after many washes. This is something that cotton t shirt do not have.

6) Bamboo t shirt has excellent wicking properties; it is able to take up to three times it’s weight in water. The fabric can pull the moisture away from the skin so that it can evaporate faster.

With all the mention above, bamboo fabric no doubt outperforms the cotton fabric.


Bamboo T shirt demand today
When it comes to custom t shirt printing in Singapore, there are not many printing companies that carry Bamboo apparels like bamboo t shirt, polo tee and business woven shirt. But company like Orangebox, they know that consumers are getting more educated and their Environmental awareness increases, buying & using of eco-friendly products will increase.

To prepare for this growing demand in sustainable eco fabric, Orangebox is one of the few companies in Singapore to bring in Bamboo t shirt, polo tee and other apparels. Corporate companies and individual who are looking to custom print their t-shirts, they now have another choice other than cotton t-shirts.   Not only they can boost their brand with t shirt marketing, but they can also do a part for the environment. Because every bamboo t shirt they wear, they are indirectly helping to reducing the greenhouse effect, protecting the planet from Global Warming.

Do I need to wear a face mask?

Family wear face masks
Man and Woman profile face silhouette in medical mask. Male and female head illustration. Vector illustration.

The first protection that comes to mind against Covid-19 is the mask for face. Everywhere we turn, we find people wearing different kinds of face masks.

As COVID-19 continues to spread globally, there are different medical opinions on the efficacy of face masks. The World Health Organization WHO recommends that face masks be worn as a protection measure for people who feel ill or are in the vicinity of ill people and should be very effective so it eliminates the entrance of virus or bacteria. At #Orangeboxasia we have worked on creating custom face masks which are not like normal cotton face masks but are made up of special fabric which in between has strong filtration sheet for protection.

As the days go by, that more and more countries around the world are making it compulsory for their citizens to wear it when they leave their homes.  So come and order a custom made face mask for your protection and your style too.

Check more details at https://orangeboxasia.com/reusable-mask-with-custom-print/

#Orangeboxasia reusable custom printed face masks to get your style on.


You know, people around the globe are wearing masks to help reduce the spread of Covid-19. Since we are based in Singapore, our mask wear is actually mandatory by the Government of Singapore.

We at #Orangeboxasia are working all the way with the plans to support the local community and finding a sustainable, signature style as well. So instead of wearing disposable masks, we’ve introduced reusable custom printed face masks in Singapore for some glam.

Our reusable masks are of not only made by cloth but with our special treated fabric + the inner BFE >99% filtration sheet which will provide good protection from bacteria’s and viruses.

We recommend our all customers to maintain social distance and stay safe.

Check more details at https://orangeboxasia.com/reusable-mask-with-custom-print/

Design Tips Reveal for the first time made for T-shirt printing

Custom Team Jersey

You can do DIY of heat transfer at your own home. But to do a long lasting and durable print, it is difficult to achieve with a domestic iron at home. You really need a professional heat press machine but the cost of owning a machine yourself is too costly. It will be more cost effective to have the design done by yourself or thru some online tools and have a professional printing company to handle the printing for you.

The first thing you’re going to think about is the design you want to print on the t shirt. Will it be just a small logo or something as big as A3 size artwork on the t shirt. T-shirts Printing price are typically base on the number of colours used in the design. If you only have 1 colour text or logo, printing is much cheaper than a full colour picture. So if you want to keep the price of t shirt printing low, you will want to use as few colour as possible. Otherwise, prepare to set a higher budget for it.

Here are some Tips when designing a T shirt. You can put some effort on the fonts to use, it makes a big different to the overall design. Other than the standard Windows font, you can consider some free designers’ font you can find online. A good website you can explore is dafont.com. A Good choice of font will boost the look of the T-shirt. You want to present a message to others, choose something easy to read, unless your intention is to make people look at you with a deceptive look. Bolder fonts can be use if you want to emphasis certain message loudly. The colour used for font are important too. Having a contrasting colour will affect the readability. The style of the font is next. Finding a font that match the graphic is important. Example, you would want to choose a techno font if you are design a t shirt for clubbing. If you want to design for a corporate t shirt, then you must choose some fonts that is more serious and formal.

If you are lost, do not have any design background or a eye for design, you can always approach a professional to help. Most of them will charge you for a fee but we don’t. We provide free design services on consultation for customers who need help. Talk to us, tell us your requirement, our design team will do our best to help you. We take pride in our work and making your custom print t shirt something you and your team will want to wear for a long time.

Find out more details at https://orangeboxasia.com/

Reasons Why You Should Make Your Own Custom Shirts

Custom Print record 

When coming to marketing and promoting, marketers had spin lots of idea over the years to impress and gain attention from their target audiences. For some industry, company will put their logo on the front and back of their employees’ vehicles. These are free publicity. 

Another good and free publicity will be T shirts and corporate gifts. Designing a custom shirt for your employee or a gift for your clients, it is a cheap yet effective marketing strategic. Each time someone wear your shirt to work, goes shopping, running, etc., they are advertising your image. They are like a walking billboard, sending the messages out to anyone who sees it. If you done your math, it is calculated that a normal shirt if worn 2 times a week , it will be seen by 2555 times in 3 months’ time.
Check more details at https://orangeboxasia.com/

Custom Reusable Face masks are the new way of life now

girl wearing mask

The pandemic of Coronavirus has now spread worldwide. Every part of the world has faced a huge loss over this short period. The widespread is of another level. The least protection for this widespread is Face Mask and Sanitizer.

Face Mask has become the most important part of our outfit now. Keeping your feet out of the house without wearing a face mask is likely the worst thing you can do to yourself now. There are various types of masks are available in the market right now. But custom reusable face masks are the most cost-efficient yet fun and safe.

Why is it Mandatory to Wear Masks?

Person-to-person contact is the most common way of spreading the virus. If an infected person coughs or sneezes, it releases small droplets that can travel up to 6 feet. If it lands on the mouth or nose of those nearby, it will spread the virus. COVID can also be spread by the people who are carrying the virus but haven’t discovered the symptoms yet.

This is why World Health Organization or WHO is recommending wearing a mask as a must. It will protect your mouth and nose from infected droplets. Face Masks also protect us from inhaling dust and pollution. So it is definitely a life-saver.

Why Custom Reusable Face Masks are best?

custom printed maskVarious kinds of masks are available in the market right now. Medical masks are more useful for infected persons and those who have to stay around them. 

For normal persons, reusable masks are the best option. These masks are quite cheaper than the medical masks and it is safe yet comfortable. You can customize these masks as you want. You might make people aware by sharing some social message about preventing this pandemic. Reusable masks are the most reasonable masks for general use. You don’t have to dispose of this mask and buy a new one to maintain the safety measure. You can simply wash and sanitize them and wear them all day long comfortably.

What are the Guidelines These Masks Must Follow?

  • The mask must be at least 3-ply with anti-bacterial treated ( BFE >95%). 
  • The materials must be breathable so that we don’t feel suffocated.
  • It must fit the face and cover our nose and mouth.
  • It must prevent any kind of droplets from reaching our nose and mouth area.
  • It must support our ears for comfortable wear.


Best Brand in Singapore That Makes Custom Reusable Masks:


custom reusable mask

Orangebox is the best custom mask printing service in Singapore. They provide the best printing material. They left their mark on making custom printed t-shirts already. Now they have come with a whole new unit of custom reusable masks. Choose the best style that fits you the most. Select a design from their collection or order your custom design to print on the mask. And get your custom reusable mask delivered to your doorsteps.


Face Masks are now an inseparable part of our lives. It prevents the widespread of COVID to a great extent. Also, regular use of a mask keeps the dust and pollution away from us.

But it is important to choose a mask that is safe yet comfortable to wear and also reasonable in price.

Custom reusable Face Masks are now the new way of life. It is safe and follows all the necessary measures. It is reasonably priced as well. And the best part is, you can use it multiple times just by washing and sanitizing it. To grab your own custom reusable face mask, visit our website @ https://orangeboxasia.com