#Orangeboxasia reusable custom printed face masks to get your style on.

You know, people around the globe are wearing masks to help reduce the spread of Covid-19. Since we are based in Singapore, our mask wear is actually mandatory by the Government of Singapore.

We at #Orangeboxasia are working all the way with the plans to support the local community and finding a sustainable, signature style as well. So instead of wearing disposable masks, we’ve introduced reusable custom printed face masks in Singapore for some glam.

Our reusable masks are of not only made by cloth but with our special treated fabric + the inner BFE >99% filtration sheet which will provide good protection from bacteria’s and viruses.

We recommend our all customers to maintain social distance and stay safe.

Check more details at https://orangeboxasia.com/reusable-mask-with-custom-print/

Design Tips Reveal for the first time made for T-shirt printing

You can do DIY of heat transfer at your own home. But to do a long lasting and durable print, it is difficult to achieve with a domestic iron at home. You really need a professional heat press machine but the cost of owning a machine yourself is too costly. It will be more cost effective to have the design done by yourself or thru some online tools and have a professional printing company to handle the printing for you.

The first thing you’re going to think about is the design you want to print on the t shirt. Will it be just a small logo or something as big as A3 size artwork on the t shirt. T-shirts Printing price are typically base on the number of colours used in the design. If you only have 1 colour text or logo, printing is much cheaper than a full colour picture. So if you want to keep the price of t shirt printing low, you will want to use as few colour as possible. Otherwise, prepare to set a higher budget for it.

Here are some Tips when designing a T shirt. You can put some effort on the fonts to use, it makes a big different to the overall design. Other than the standard Windows font, you can consider some free designers’ font you can find online. A good website you can explore is dafont.com. A Good choice of font will boost the look of the T-shirt. You want to present a message to others, choose something easy to read, unless your intention is to make people look at you with a deceptive look. Bolder fonts can be use if you want to emphasis certain message loudly. The colour used for font are important too. Having a contrasting colour will affect the readability. The style of the font is next. Finding a font that match the graphic is important. Example, you would want to choose a techno font if you are design a t shirt for clubbing. If you want to design for a corporate t shirt, then you must choose some fonts that is more serious and formal.

If you are lost, do not have any design background or a eye for design, you can always approach a professional to help. Most of them will charge you for a fee but we don’t. We provide free design services on consultation for customers who need help. Talk to us, tell us your requirement, our design team will do our best to help you. We take pride in our work and making your custom print t shirt something you and your team will want to wear for a long time.

Find out more details at https://orangeboxasia.com/