Printing Services at Queensway Shopping Centre, Singapore: T-Shirt Printing, Name Card Printing, Poster Printing, and more …

Queensway Shopping Centre

Printing Services at Queensway Shopping Centre, Singapore: T-Shirts, Name Cards, Large Format, and More

Queensway Shopping Centre

Nestled in the heart of Singapore, Queensway Shopping Centre stands as a vibrant hub of creativity and convenience. Offering an expansive range of services, from T-shirt printing to name card and large format printing, the center has become a go-to destination for individuals and businesses looking for custom printing solutions.

T-shirt Printing in Queensway Shopping Centre: Wearable Expressions

Queensway Shopping Centre is all about making T-shirt printing a fun and creative way to express yourself. They are home to many printing shops that offer lots of choices for custom T-shirt printing. So whether you want a fancy design, a cool saying, or a memory close to your heart, you will find the T-shirt printing services that let you show off your own style and be a trendsetter wherever you go. SHOPS

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1) Orangebox – Custom T-shirt Printing since 2009
With more than 14 years in the custom t-shirt business,  Orangebox T-shirt Printing carries the largest and most comprehensive apparel catalog in Singapore. They used to have a showroom in Queensway but after the pandemic, they now have gone online. To make ordering hassle-free, they created a 3-Steps process :
1. Get a quotation online.
2. They will drop by or send the samples to your office for viewing.
3. After completion, they provide free delivery to your doorstep.   

Location:  Island-wide

2) Queens | T-shirt Printing Queensway
Queens Printing is the earliest shop that opens in Queensway Shopping Centre and has quite a competitive pricing compared with other shops. They have more than 5 years of experience in the t-shirt printing industry. They offer quite different types of printing methods, you could ask for their advice. More than 50 types of apparel catalogs are available.

Location:  Queensway Shopping Centre, #02-40B

3) Talents | T-shirt Printing 
When you step into the Talents printing shops, you will find this is operated by a friendly lady boss. They also have different types of apparel for customers’ selection. If you are keen to print school jerseys or sports jersey, their vinyl name and number printing have quite many different colour options. 

Location: Queensway Shopping Centre, #02-44C

Photocopying Services: Efficiency and Precision

Queensway’s comprehensive services extend beyond custom printing. Its photocopying services epitomize efficiency and precision, offering faithful reproductions of important documents and study materials. The center’s commitment to accuracy ensures that every copied page retains the clarity and detail of the original, catering to both personal and business needs.

Ultra Supplies

With a wealth of experience spanning over 37 years, they’re seasoned experts in the field of printing and photocopying. From handling small-scale tasks to managing substantial bulk printing projects, they’ve got the skills and know-how to fulfill your requirements effectively.

Location: Queensway Shopping Centre #03-38

namecard printing

Name Card Printing: Crafting Lasting Impressions

The art of name card printing finds a home in Queensway Shopping Centre. Businesses and individuals alike can harness the power of first impressions through expertly designed name cards. With an extensive selection of styles, finishes, and customization options, these services facilitate the creation of name cards that leave a lasting impact, reflecting professionalism and creativity.

Large Format Printing: Making Statements Matter

In Queensway Shopping Centre, large format printing transcends the ordinary. From attention-grabbing posters to impactful banners, these services cater to a spectrum of events and promotions. The center’s commitment to visibility ensures that large format prints communicate messages boldly and effectively, capturing the essence of any occasion.


1) 2S Print Hub
They provide printing services like name cards, flyers, posters, booklets, sticker labels, NCR receipt books, rubber stamps, common seals, etc.

Location: Queensway Shopping Centre #02-24

2) ABC Engraving
We are a one-stop business centre offering a wide range of engraving and other services: Computeriesd / Laser Engraving , Digital Printing (Name Card, Sign/Banner/Poster Brouchure/Flyer), Rubber Stamps, Wooden Plaques, Vinyl Sticker Printing & Cutting (for Sign Board, Inductrial Purpose), Silk Screening & Etching (for Sign Plates, Control Panel & etc).

Location: Queensway Shopping Centre #03-25/28/42


Expertise and Collaboration: Guiding Your Vision

Queensway’s printing services are bolstered by seasoned professionals who bring expertise to every project. Whether it’s suggesting the ideal material for large format prints or refining a name card design, their guidance enhances the quality and impact of the final result. Collaborating with these experts ensures that each printed piece meets or exceeds expectations.

Affordability without Compromise: Your Budget-Friendly Choice

Known for its accessibility and quality, Queensway Shopping Centre extends its ethos to its printing services. From T-shirt customization to large format printing, these offerings provide cost-effective solutions, appealing to individuals, startups, and established businesses alike. With Queensway, affordability and excellence go hand in hand.

In Conclusion: Your Custom Printing Haven

Queensway Shopping Centre emerges as a versatile haven for custom printing services in Singapore. Beyond T-shirt printing, the center caters to a diverse range of needs, including name cards and large format solutions. The center’s commitment to quality, affordability, and expertise transforms its printing services into channels of creativity, communication, and professional distinction.