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Custom Reusable Face masks are the new way of life now

The pandemic of Coronavirus has now spread worldwide. Every part of the world has faced a huge loss over this short period. The widespread is of another level. The least protection for this widespread is Face Mask and Sanitizer.

Face Mask has become the most important part of our outfit now. Keeping your feet out of the house without wearing a face mask is likely the worst thing you can do to yourself now. There are various types of masks are available in the market right now. But custom reusable face masks are the most cost-efficient yet fun and safe.

Why is it Mandatory to Wear Masks?

Person-to-person contact is the most common way of spreading the virus. If an infected person coughs or sneezes, it releases small droplets that can travel up to 6 feet. If it lands on the mouth or nose of those nearby, it will spread the virus. COVID can also be spread by the people who are carrying the virus but haven’t discovered the symptoms yet.

This is why World Health Organization or WHO is recommending wearing a mask as a must. It will protect your mouth and nose from infected droplets. Face Masks also protect us from inhaling dust and pollution. So it is definitely a life-saver.

Why Custom Reusable Face Masks are best?

custom printed maskVarious kinds of masks are available in the market right now. Medical masks are more useful for infected persons and those who have to stay around them. 

For normal persons, reusable masks are the best option. These masks are quite cheaper than the medical masks and it is safe yet comfortable. You can customize these masks as you want. You might make people aware by sharing some social message about preventing this pandemic. Reusable masks are the most reasonable masks for general use. You don’t have to dispose of this mask and buy a new one to maintain the safety measure. You can simply wash and sanitize them and wear them all day long comfortably.

What are the Guidelines These Masks Must Follow?

  • The mask must be at least 3-ply with anti-bacterial treated ( BFE >95%). 
  • The materials must be breathable so that we don’t feel suffocated.
  • It must fit the face and cover our nose and mouth.
  • It must prevent any kind of droplets from reaching our nose and mouth area.
  • It must support our ears for comfortable wear.


Best Brand in Singapore That Makes Custom Reusable Masks:


custom reusable mask

Orangebox is the best custom mask printing service in Singapore. They provide the best printing material. They left their mark on making custom printed t-shirts already. Now they have come with a whole new unit of custom reusable masks. Choose the best style that fits you the most. Select a design from their collection or order your custom design to print on the mask. And get your custom reusable mask delivered to your doorsteps.


Face Masks are now an inseparable part of our lives. It prevents the widespread of COVID to a great extent. Also, regular use of a mask keeps the dust and pollution away from us.

But it is important to choose a mask that is safe yet comfortable to wear and also reasonable in price.

Custom reusable Face Masks are now the new way of life. It is safe and follows all the necessary measures. It is reasonably priced as well. And the best part is, you can use it multiple times just by washing and sanitizing it. To grab your own custom reusable face mask, visit our website @


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