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Custom Reusable Face masks are the new way of life now

As Covid-19 is spreading widely around the world like a wide fire, it is important for every individual to do their part to prevent the virus from spreading. Most of the countries had imposed law that everyone are require to wear a face mask. And every country has their own measures. In China, the police uses drones equipped with amplifiers. In Singapore, Thailand & South Korea, the government issued masks for everyone. The least problem is with Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan, It has been a culture before covid-19 to wear masks.

With such laws being passed, the demand of disposable and reusable masks shot to the roof in the matter of days. As there is a global shortage of disposable masks, reusable masks are the next alternately. Reusable masks are also more environments friendly, cheaper, and more comfortable to wear since we need to wear them on a daily basis.

kids mask

Now more and more companies & School are doing custom print of reusable face mask to create their identity. It has also been a form of marketing for some.  

The choice of materials, the type of ear loop, and the construction of the masks are important. We had gone all out, tried, and tested dozens of different designs and materials from different mask manufacturers. With our finding, we now offer the best to our customers.  Our masks require meeting the high standards we set in term of durability, comfort and protection yet keeping the cost as affordable as possible. Find more details at

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