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Our Printing & Embroidery Services

Silkscreen Printing
Silkscreen Printing is the most common printing method that has been around for the longest time. This is the most cost-effective method when printing in bulk. The print is vibrant and durable, it will still last after lots of washes

Embroidery Services Singapore
Custom Embroidery
This is commonly used for custom embroidery and embroidered Polo Tee or T-shirts. Your design is sewn onto the t-shirts using Cotton or Polyester threads. Custom embroidery provides an executive or professional look.

Sports Jersey Printing Singapore
Vinyl Transfer Print
The vinyl transfer print method is used for personalising Names & Numbers. Commonly found on sports Jerseys. Only available in a single Solid Colour and limited to the Vector Design.

dye-sublimation printing
Dye-Sublimation Print
This Print method allows you to create designs that cover the entire tee, the design can be printed right to the edge of the tees.
Full colour print, no colour limitation but it only works with Dri-fit material.
With this method , we are able to make-to-order any design from as low as 5pcs.

3D Printing
With 3D Printing, you can design your own corporate gifts, mass production of commercial engineering parts and design display for your marketing & advertising projects. We provide 3D CAD modeling to final production
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Digital Heat Transfer Print
Digital Heat Transfer Print
A common printing method for very small quantities or designs with lots of colours (like photo). The design is printed onto a special paper, and then transferred onto the T-shirt with high heat. There is no colour limitation in a single print, but the quality is not as durable as silkscreen printing.

The next generation replacing this method is DTF Printing which can print the same effect but with 2-3 times more durable.

DTF Printing (Direct-to-film Printing)
This is the Latest Revolution in transfer print Technology. So far, We are the only company in Singapore offering this new method. The printout is a lot more vibrant than normal heat-transfer print; It is HD!

It is very durable, can last about 50 washes without cracking.
And unlike normal digtal heat-transfer which need to have a border around the design, this HD heat-transfer can achieve exactly what silkscreen printing does. Every alphabet can be printed out individually.
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DTG Printing
DTG Printing
(Direct-to-garment Printing)
This is a new digital printing technique which we can use to help your design achieve those colourful prints like digital heat transfer and the print is as durable as silkscreen printing. This is what many know of as specialised or modified inkjet technology. Directly applied to the clothing and partially absorbed by the fibers to hold it in place.

What We Do?

We Specialise in:

♦ Printing & Embroidery Services Singapore
♦ Class T-shirt Printing
♦ Made-to-order apparel and uniforms
♦ Source for Corporate Gifts

We Supply:

♦ Polo Tee
♦ Roundneck T-shirt
♦ Office Jacket/ Windbreakers
♦ Zip Hoodies / Pullover Jackets
♦ Varsity Jacket
♦ F1 shirts

♦ Business Shirts
♦ Shorts, Bermuda, Pants
♦ Baseball Caps
♦ Sports Jersey
♦ Worker Uniforms (worker jacket, coverall, and Safety vest)
♦ Bags (luggage bags, haversacks, sling bag, document bag, laptop bags, and shoe bag)

Brand we carry?

♦ Under Armour
♦ Adidas
♦ Callaway
♦ wundou (Japan)
♦ Gildan (USA)
♦ American Apparel (USA)
♦ UNO (Paris)
♦ Cross Runner
♦ North Harbour
♦ Ultifresh 
♦ Beam
♦ Orensport

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