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Sorona® fabric - T shirt & Polo Tee

Sorona® is a partially plant-based polymer by DuPont that brings high-performance, sustainable fabric to the fashion industry and eco-conscious consumers.

Sorona fabric production

Made from Corn, utilizing plant-based resources to reduce energy and gas emissions in comparison to synthetic fabrics (Dri-fit materials).
– Sorona® fabric production uses 30% less water compared to traditional synthetic fiber production.
– The production also reduce carbon footprint, 63% less energy and releases fewer greenhouse gas emissions compared to the production of traditional synthetic fibers (Dri-fit materials).

There are many great properties from SORONA fabric:

> Velvety-Soft                              > Great thermal regulating ( Cooling)
> Stretch Recovery                     > Wrinkle Resistant
> Moisture wicking                     > Durable

SORONA® Fabric
Sustainable T-shirt & Polo Tee

Sorona Corn T-shirtSorona Corn Polo Tee