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wundou Sports Accessories

– Backpack
– Footwear
– Socks
– Caps / Hats

wundou is a leading sports apparel brand in Japan since 1963 with 14 million pieces of products sold last year.

Other than sports jersey, wundou also produce accessories like Backpack, footwear and caps. They come in both kids and adult sizes.

What’s more? We also provide one-stop solutions to do silkscreen printing or embroidery on them.

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wundou Accessories Singapore – Backpack Singapore
We partner with wundou, a leading Japan leading sports apparel manufacturer since 1963 to provide Footwear in Singapore. wundou has a marvelous reputation for footwear and other sports apparel that keeps athletes cool and comfortable throughout their games. They made and sold nearly 14 million items last year.

All wundou product has to meet or exceed a very strict set of tests above those required for other jerseys, these standards are set and enforced by the garment industry to make sure the Adult and kids footwear are safe. OrangeBox and wundou want their Jersey attire to allow everyone to enjoy their sports practice and play comfortably and professionally.

wundou footwear Singapore – School Shoes Singapore
Looking for a Super Lightweight school shoes for your Kids? Why spend $50-60 for a branded one? Imported from Japan, Wundou Active shoes are great for your Kids. They are Super Lightweight, great for daily wear. It comes in both Kids and Adults side with 0.5cm increments for each size. Your Child no longer fall into the situation that 1 is too small, 2 is too big because we have the size in between.