Kids Baseball Jersey Printing Singapore

Baseball Jersey Printing Singapore

Unlike soccer and basketball, baseball is not a very popular sport in Singapore. Even though, there are still a small group of people who play this sports. Baseball is commonly found in International schools, but there are still some local Secondary Schools, Polytechnics, and Universities that do have baseball/ softball as CCA.

Because it is not a popular sport, Custom Baseball Jersey Printing Singapore become very Expensive and Custom Kids Baseball Jersey Singapore are even harder to find.
That is why many of the school teams are not wearing the standard baseball jersey, but a normal roundneck t-shirt.

“We want to change this.”

We are proud to partner with wundou, a leading sports brand in Japan. We now supply Baseball Jersey similar to the ones used by professional Baseball teams. We also supply other Baseball Accessories like supply baseball belts, baseball socks, baseball caps, and baseball Jackets to complete the entire baseball uniform and attire.
And all come in ready-stock and in both Adults and Kids sizes.

Wundou Sports – Baseball Jersey




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We partner with wundou, a leading Japanese sporting apparel manufacturer since 1963 to provide custom baseball jersey printing Singapore. wundou has a marvelous reputation for rough and rugged apparel for these sporting gear. They produced and sold more than 14 million pieces last year.

All wundou products must meet or exceed very strict tests beyond those required for the general standard imposed for garments used by the general public because these are baseball jerseys and uniform. Wundou and OrangeBox want uniforms and custom baseball jerseys Singapore that will allow the both kids and adults can play in comfort and look professional in their baseball attires.

Kids Baseball Jersey Printing Singapore– When you’re looking for professional baseball jersey printing Singapore, look no further than OrangeBox. We Provide Both Adults and Kids Baseball Jersey Printing Singapore. We can embroidery or printing of your team design, names, numbers, and other requirements for your baseball jerseys and uniform apparel.

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