Tennis jersey printing Singapore

Tennis jersey printing Singapore

Do you know? Tennis is fourth-most popular sport in the world with approximately 1 billion fans, trailing soccer/football by nearly 2.5 billion fans but still immensely popular.
Do you also know that polo tee exist because of Tennis?
Polo Tee, also known as a tennis shirt, is created by René Lacoste, the French seven-time Grand Slam tennis champion. Before Lacoste’s 1933 mass-marketing of his tennis shirt, polo players wore thick long-sleeve shirts made of Oxford-cloth cotton. He felt that the stiff tennis attire was too cumbersome and uncomfortable. He designed a white, short-sleeved, loosely-knitted cotton shirt with an unstarched, flat, protruding collar, a buttoned placket, and a shirt-tail longer in back than in front.
Polo Tee & Tennis Jersey in adult sizes are easy to find but custom kids tennis jersey printing in Singapore is pretty hard.

“We want to change this.”

We are proud to partner with wundou, a leading sports brand in Japan. We now supply Kids Polo Tee and Kids Tennis Jersey in Singapore. We also supply the tennis shorts, and windbreaker jackets to complete the entire team attire.
And all come in ready-stock and in both Adults and Kids sizes.

Not for Tennis Only.

As Tennis Jersey are also known as Polo Tee. They are great for corporate polo tee, smart-casual wear and even for sport like Golf.

Wundou Sports – Tennis Jersey


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We partner with wundou, a leading Japan leading sports apparel manufacturer since 1963 to provide Tennis jersey printing in Singapore. wundou has a marvelous reputation for Tennis and other sports apparel that keeps athletes cool and comfortable throughout their games. They made and sold nearly 14 million items last year.

All wundou product has to meet or exceed a very strict set of tests above those required for other jerseys, these standards are set and enforced by the garment industry to make sure the Adult and kids Tennis jerseys are safe. OrangeBox and wundou want their Jersey attire to allow everyone to enjoy their sports practice and play comfortably and professionally. We are OrangeBox, for Tennis Jersey printing – Singapore.

Custom Kids Tennis Jersey Printing Singapore is always hard to find.
If you are looking for a professional Kids Tennis Jersey printing in Singapore, look no further than OrangeBox. We carry ready-stock for these kids Tennis jersey for as young as 4 years old.
We can embroider or print your design, Personalised names and number on them.
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